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From vision to mission
Starting from a vision

In 1998, Vincent Joguin, co-founder of the Eupalia company, inspiredly thinks that a minimalist computing platform is key to freeing digital environments from obsolescence and establishing future-proof computing. It only takes one arithmetic operation: subtraction. Designing a “universal” virtual machine may proceed. By means of the Olonys platform, that rebuilds all the necessary complexity with software based on this single operation, application software would become independent from any specific computing hardware, and could therefore work indefinitely.
A European project

During the 7th Framework Programme for R & D (2007-2013), development of the Olonys project makes steady progress with support from the European Union. The national libraries context of the project helps specify applications for software and digital content preservation.
A durable carrier for durable computing

How to tackle the materiality of such computing that has become future-proof at a non-material level, software-wise? Until it is implemented for the short-lived computer system of a particular period, the Olonys platform is designed to be fixed onto a carrier with proven durability. Today, only paper and film ensure affordable and reliable preservation of information over the long term, which DNA could supersede in the future. With support from the French Public Investment Bank (Bpifrance) and National Center for Cinema and the Moving Image (CNC), development then focuses on combining the Olonys platform and film carrier.

Embedding an easily portable digital platform fixed onto paper or microfilm, the Micr’Olonys solution meets all requirements for passive digital archiving.